The Benefits of Yoga Ball Chairs

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Apr 07 2014

top balance ball seats have many benefitsYoga ball chairs (also known as the balance ball chair) are spherical chairs modified from yoga exercise balls. They have been developed to assist those who spent most of their time working from a desk. They have great benefits in an office and are the newest addition to office furniture. They can help you solve the problem of having to remember ergonomics all the time amid your busy work.

Benefits of Balance Balls as Chairs

The spherical in shape of the yoga ball chair encourages proper alignment of the spine by keeping the back straight as is required.
The muscles that support the back can tire after a long period of sitting and cause back pain which might make it difficult for you to sit upright. However, with this chair, you won’t even have to remember to sit straight. It keeps you upright effortlessly and because the back does not strain to hold you up, there’s no danger of experiencing back pain. In addition to this, it reduces the risk of injuries associated with improper alignment like sciatica and bulging discs, which are responsible for back pains.

When you keep your spine properly aligned the whole day, it will be easier to maintain that posture while standing. So it helps to improve your general body posture and enables you to stand up taller.

The yoga ball chair is very comfortable since it is made of inflatable polyurethane to sustain comfort ability. You can sit on it longer without feeling uncomfortable, as compared to the usual office chair. It also comes with a pump to enable you inflate it or deflate it to your best level of comfort.

This chair ensures that your back is not fully supported by a back rest. As a result, core muscles like the obliques, the abs and the lumber muscles tone while trying to keep you upright. You actually exercise these muscles while sitting and working. Even during breaks from work, you can detach parts of the ball chair and carry out a number of exercises with it because, the balls are detachable.

Kids really enjoy the bouncing nature of these chairs. If you have been having trouble getting them to sit straight, you can try the yoga chairs.
These benefits of the yoga ball chairs make them an excellent addition to an office.

Yoga ball chairs are gaining popularity in offices and schools due to their ability to enhance the appropriate ergonomic posture. They come in varieties so as to suit the demands of the user and the environment they are used in.

Pleasantly Surprised this Xmas with a Ball Chair

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Mar 28 2014

This last Christmas, my sister surprised me with an excellent gift that was definitely needed: an ergonomic yoga ball chair from Many of my friends have been giving praise to this trendy new piece of office furniture. Apparently they have become super popular at their offices and many of the employees have completely abandoned their traditional chairs. I had thought about looking into carrying these yoga ball chairs at the store, but somehow had never gotten the time to look into it. Thank goodness for my sister, Kate who had the fore site to help her brother out.

As I first opened the package for the Gaiam Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair, I saw that it came with a variety of parts. The ball was completely deflated, but it came with a pump and measuring tape so I could get the inflation just right. There is a steel frame the required some assembly but I had it together within a few minutes. Pumped-it up and took a look at the finished product. test

My first impression was that it was a thankfully, good looking piece of office furniture. I was skeptical. I mean, its a ball, a big one at that. But the dark color and the brushed steel frame gave off a polished, professional look. I was happily relieved.

Now for the test drive. I sat down and decided to get some work done. In fact, I’m sitting on it as I type this post. It’s surprisingly comfortable. I find that my buns don’t get sore after 30 minutes like the usually do. The seat is really soft. Just like with kneeling stools, the absense of the back rest tells your body that it needs to find its posture by itself. I can’t say whether or not this takes some time to get used to on the Gaiam Custom Fit, since I was already warmed up and accustomed to sitting on a kneeling stool. Nevertheless, my posture was great and I was comfortable.

Now I’m not much into fitness, but the product does come with a fitness DvD. I haven’t taken a look yet but it features various workouts and yoga that you can do with the chair. I’ll put that on my to do list.

Ultimately, I decided that it would be a good idea to start carrying these at the store. I’m going to go with the same product that Kate bought me. Checking on ball chair reviews at, it seems like its general consensus that this one is the best. Good job, Kate. I owe you one.


The Many Benefits of Kneeling Chairs

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Dec 29 2013

ergonomic stool with manDerived from the ancient Buddhist tradition of using a bench or a pillow to sit in a kneeling like position for great amounts of time, the kneeling chair is a type of product that enables you to sit in a position with the thighs at a certain angle and with some of the body’s weight supported by the shins. This position creates many benefits for you if it is properly implemented, such as it increases health and productivity.

While sitting, you are forced to keep on moving, whether it be forwards and backwards, or side to side. This movement, if properly done, eventually results in stronger core muscles, and improved posture, as well as less stiff joints, and improved concentration and focus.

The good thing about this product is that you don’t need it for only a certain job, it works for all daily routines and activities, you can use it while reading, or eating, or watching TV, and much, much more. Just think about it, you can fix your body posture, get stronger core muscles, improved concentration levels and much more just by sitting and moving on a chair doing your daily routines. You don’t have to be a certain age or weight to use it either, the product welcomes everyone who is looking for a lifestyle with better health.

By utilizing the product correctly, your spine stays healthy, you are forced to sit correctly, resulting in a better posture, and overall, your lifestyle becomes more healthy and productive. So, you can say good bye to all the back pains that your body is encountering and your old posture, because once you start using the kneeling chair, you are committing to a better lifestyle that provides you with having the luxury of pain reduction and better posture all as a result of sitting in and moving in a chair.

Read reviews for the top products of this category of ergonomic furniture at:

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